Monday, March 23, 2020


I am currently in a community quarantine in Makati, Philippines with lots of time on my hands so I was just thinking.

I have spent my time reading, paperback books, kindle, Facebook, various news channels and saw one the struck me...

Some shared inspirational quotes, noting that William Shakespeare made the most of his time in quarantine to pen his most famous plays.

 Now I am no Shakespeare, and this is not a play, but perhaps I can make a few point.  One of my favorite sayings is:

Things always seem to work out best for those that make the best of the way things work out.

Now at we are not impacted by the Quarantine or Lockdown in our  operations.  Why?  Because we host all our clients and our own back office applications in the Cloud and my Staff and I work from home online all the time.  So for us being locked down is no big deal.

However we ARE impacted by our clients being locked down.  Their operations are affected and with office staff being quarantined within their home barangay and unwilling or unable to go to work, our clients suffer if they cannot do operations from home.  Having on site servers and applications may seem like the best and cheapest way to do things, but now maybe not quite as good.

Consider the past few years here in the Philippines, we have had Typhoons, Earthquakes, Volcanoes,  and now a Pandemic, all that have disrupted travel and infrastructure.  All have impacted operations of some companies while not impacting others.

I believe we will see a gradual migration to Cloud Computing to accelerate.  Many companies of all sizes are doing it now and many more will do it in the near future. 

Moving Information Technology from On-Site In House, to the Cloud without significant local dependency on infrastructure and staff will ensure continuity of operations and protection of data and mitigate the risk from interruption of operations.  Outsourcing IT is also going to accelerate as it is cost effective when the IT staff itself is online and not servicing local hardware and infrastructure.

Fortunately there are plenty off Software as a Service applications you can subscribe to that are cloud based and completely accessible from Mobile or thin client browsers online.

Almost every corner of the globe can access these cloud based applications for seamless operations in times of calamity.

There are tools that make the migration easier and some of the Cloud Providers like Microsoft, Google and Amazon (and many others too) can help you migrate from On-Site to Cloud or even Hybrid where some On-Site is necessary but needs to be integrated with Cloud based back office applications.

Industries like Healthcare, manufacturing and others have real time applications that need to be On-Site but if the manufacturer is locked down its, shop floor system is not needed anyway.


In every crisis there are opportunities, every storm cloud has a silver lining.

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