Thursday, February 27, 2020

Regional Partner Example

Hi, in my last blog post I described an opportunity for Travel Agents, Tour Guides, Tourism Departments, Chambers of Commerce or anyone that would like to increase their web presence and promote tourism in their region through one of our Explorer4 web sites.

In exchange for weekly posts regarding events, sights, tourist info or anything else this regional partner would like to promote, we will give them a free upgrade to their listing. Here is an example of what that upgraded listing would look like. 

In it we would add up to 8 images and replace the text and map to their location, for FREE.

That is a P6,000 value for just a once a week free promotion in a blog entry.  There you can add as many pictures as you wish and even video.  That is quite a deal isn’t it?

Just let us know if you are interested.

Warm Regards,

Mike Oliver

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Regional Partner Opportunity


I am pleased to announce an opportunity for Travel Agents, Tour Guides, Chambers of Commerce, Better Business Bureaus even Municipalities looking to promote activities, events and other things to attract visitors to their region.

Here is how it works.

A company or agency signs up for or has already signed up for a free business listing on any of our Explorer4 sites such as and they contact me to upgrade their listing as part of our "Regional Partner" program by sending an email or calling me to get started.

We then will create or upgrade their Explorer4 listing to include up to 8 pictures with descriptors and an expanded description for their company, for free.  In exchange we request at least one posting per week on the Blog for the Explorer4 site they have signed up for.  That posting could be for a upcoming event they want to announce, or a program, product or service that is specific to their company or region.

This is a P6k value for free and we will promote your event to all our subscribers.  You can get thousands of people to see your post and to interact with your company.

We frequently reach 20,000 people on Facebook and Google for less than P500.00 this is far less than you could get for yourself due to our large number of followers and email list members.

Don't hesitate, we will ONLY accept ONE Regional Partner for each Explorer4 site, so sign up today and let's get started.

Mike Oliver

Comment here for questions or go to

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Coming Attractions


I am proud to announce that Open 4 Business Online is expanding our services and will be rolling out new services, pricing and more in the next few days and weeks.   Watch this blog for news and out Facebook and LinkedIn pages for details.

Will be expanding out Social Media Management programs to include more local content and news on our Explorer4 web sites such as

Some of the new capabilities will include expanded performance based advertising, shared advertising, free event advertising and more.

We will be looking for local and provincial partners to get and publish news related to tourism and business in those locales.  We will be approaching those travel agents, municipalities and business organizations for special pricing and services, so if you are interested but not yet listed on the Explorer4 site for your area, please sign up now and we will contact you.

Sign up at any of the sites, its free and you can enjoy increased traffic as we promote all these every month.