Friday, January 10, 2020

10 Questions for a potential Social Media Management partner

Most people that now understand the advantages of outsourcing their Social Media Management which are:

  1. Cost Effective
  2. Core Competency
  3. Time saving and Timely Actions
  4. Skill Sets
  5. Knowledge Sharing
  6. Latest Technology
  7. Targeted Advertising
But this article is about how to choose a Social Media Management Partner and the 10 Questions you should ask with the weighting factor to apply to score the responses.

  1. How long have you been doing Social Media Management for your customers?  Score one point for each year in the response.
  2. How long have you been doing Social Media Management as your primary source of revenue?  Score one point for each year in the response.
  3. How many years has your leadership team, (CEO, CTO, COO, CFO) been working with Social Media overall not just in your company?  Score on point for each year for each individual.
  4. How many active paying customers do you have at the moment?  Score two points for each customer in the response.
  5. Of your current customers, how many years have they been with you?  Score three points for each year for each customer.
  6. How many of your current customers are willing to give you a reference call?  Score 2 points for each one and 5 points for each one that gives a positive reference.
  7. How many social networks are in your typical scope of services for your customers?  Score 2 points for each.
  8. How many of your customers have you creating content for them?  Score 1 point for text posts, 2 points for graphics creation, and 3 points for video creation.
  9. Do you specialize in a certain market segment such as online stores, gaming, restaurants, bars, resorts, etc.  Score one point for each and 5 points if your market segment is included.
  10. Are your packages published and your prices compete with other Social Media Management companies?  This is tricky.  Score 5 points if published prices.  Deduct 1 point of they are the lowest price competitor for no apparent reason.  Add one point if they can justify lower or high prices to your satisfaction.
Use these scores to provide a means to shortlist the potential vendors.  In the end is is more about the relationship you feel will evolve with the vendor and the references and personal contact will make all the difference.

Good Luck and let me know if I can help you make that decision.


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