Monday, June 10, 2019

Hire a mechanic

So your car needs work, hire a mechanic.
Now I remember the days when I could do most work on my car, even change a water pump, alternator, starter, spark plugs, etc.  Now those days are mostly gone with computerized this or that and engine compartments so packed it takes special tools to do any work.  So auto mechanics are in high demand with specialized skills.

So it is easy to justify hiring a mechanic, specialized skills, risk of making a costly mistake, and other factors like the value of your own time.  So some light comes on and you find a mechanic to do the work, right?

So why is it that so many businesses resist outsourcing?  Isn't it the same?  You don't question outsourcing your auto repair work to a mechanic, then why do you resist outsourcing business processes that require special tools, skills, and the risk of errors, not to mention your time and the time of your staff that do not have those same skills and experience.

BPO or Business Process Outsourcing is growing for just those reasons.  Call Centers, Help Desks, Data Entry and Coding, as well as higher end processes like HR, Accounting and more.

One trend that doesn't seem to be taking off as much, is Social Media Marketing and Advertising.  I think one reason for that is that so many people are "on Facebook" and therefore think they know  what they are doing, and some do but many have no idea about the various implications or pages, posts, boosts, etc.  They may or may not know about syndication across multiple social media, or how to target ads, or how to make ads that are effective, and all those skills can be found in BPO companies that do Social Media Management, Marketing and Advertising.  

Bottom line, hire a mechanic to do your car maintenance and hire a Social Media Management BPO to do all your Social Media you will be glad you did.


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