Saturday, June 1, 2019

Get Linked

As I wrote in my last Blog,  Sales isn't just selling you need to be building relationships with your ideal customers.

LinkedIn is designed for business, and is a terrific place to meet people and generate leads and get business.

Meeting people is the goal.
You can get connected on LinkedIn in a number of ways, but don't get suckered into concentrating on getting connections alone.  It is so easy to just hit the connect button and add them to your list, but that doesn't build a relationship, trust and most importantly lead to business.

When you get a connection request, take a few moments to look at their profile.  If they are even close to an ideal client or customer, then not only accept the connect but reply with a message to thank them for connecting and offer your assistance if they need anything.  Do not give a sales pitch.  If they connected for some other reason, like Alumni, mutual friends/connections, etc. a sales pitch may turn them off.

Personalize the message refer to something in their profile like where they are working, what they do, what they have posted, etc.  ENGAGE them in conversation, like meeting a mutual friend in a coffee shop.  No spam, no proposals, no detailed product or service features.  Keep it short and personal, 300 characters or less.

Remember he may be connecting with you for the same reason you would connect with him and only waiting for your acceptance to reach out.

Something like this,

Hi [John] thanks for connecting, I see you attended ASU a couple years before me.  Please let me know if there  is anything I can do to help an Alum.

Warm regards,

Mike Oliver

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