Monday, June 3, 2019

Engage and build

In my last blog post Be a resource I discussed the second step in finding and getting new clients/customers online.  Given that you are now connected and in a conversation, what's next?

Build on the initial engagement
Your goal is to build the relationship by adding value to the conversation in any way that you can.  Try to make anything you send them be relevant and current.  It can be content you create or content you curate.  When you feel that your new friend is open to your opinion and appreciates your contributions then and only then can you take the conversation offline and ask for a meeting, coffee, lunch, etc. if practical or an online meeting to get face time.

It is only natural that what you do (and sell) will come up in the conversation if if so that's great, but be very careful not to come across as pitching or actively selling.  If there is  synergy with your new contact let it emerge naturally and you can win big.

Try to look for triggers, events, or articles or videos that your new contact might be interested in.  A good sign that you are making progress is when they start sharing content with you.  If you ask for a meeting and they decline, just be polite and say, "maybe next time" or "sure no problem."

Remember they cannot buy from you if they don't know you exist.  They want to solve problems and if you are the first one to offer a solution, you will likely win, even if you are not profiting directly by your advice, you win because you are building a relationship that can lead to a sale when the time is right.


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