Saturday, June 8, 2019

Customer Journey

As I wrote in my last blog, content-content-and-content you should be building credibility and trusted authority with your prospects.

From prospect to customer

Now you can shift your connection dialog to offline and more general approach with your blog or website or social media page.  This  is because your prospect has already been vetted as an "Ideal Client/Customer" and established a bond that will allow you to share more.

Keep in mind that you need to be sensitive and responsive to that connection, but after gaining their trust you can share more and more varied content.

Hopefully that new trusted connection will also appreciate more content marketing materials, especially if it isn't a hard sell, but more informational, market driven, solutions driven content.

Now you are entering the prospect to customer journey.  First you establish the trust,  then go to awareness of your product or service as it fits in the market and solution realm.

Then you direct or aide in search with SEO so when your prospect searches for keywords/phrases related to his problem or need, your product or service will show in the first page.  More on this is future blogs.

If they search and find you and your competitors they will study the features, benefits, and costs and if you have done your market research right, you will begin to shine.

Right after Study they will  read reviews or check references and if those are glowing, they begin the final stage of budget, (aka Risk) and make the purchase decision.

Anyplace along this journey they may ask you questions that may give you additional info on what they are looking for and why and give you an opportunity to provide additional more focused content to assist them along the journey.

Keep your role as trusted adviser, assistant buyer or trusted domain expert and you have a far greater chance at closing a sale.


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