Thursday, June 6, 2019

Content, content and content

As I said in my last Blog Engage and Build you need to start helping your new connection by sharing meaningful, timely and pertinent content that will allow you to become a resource they count on for credibility, trust and authority.

Content is king
You need to seek their opinion on anything you share with them so you can do a better job giving them what they need.  This will build the "Trusted Authority" on a subject of interest to them.  That will lead to opportunities to make your case and add them as your client/customer.

If you help them solve a problem or fill a need, they will be comfortable coming back to you for help in other things and if you chose that connection because they may be an Ideal Client/Customer that means you get the first shot at solving problems that benefit you both.

The content you share can be links to articles (Curated) with comments, Videos, articles you write, blog posts or anything of value to your connection.  Your success depends on the quality and appropriateness of the content you share. 

Obviously original content does more to build your authority on a subject, be wary of plagiarism or trying to make an article someone else wrote be your own.  It's one thing to take knowledge you gained through reading and write your own article but copy and paste is not advisable, ever.  Remember if the topic is relevant, the connection may have already found and read that same article and if so he will see it in your article and you lose all credibility.

Keep it personal and pertinent to your ideal client/customer and you will do fine, even if you miss the target on a share, don't give up, your new connection will appreciate the thought and the effort.


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