Sunday, June 2, 2019

Be a resource

In my last blog Get Linked I described the first step in using social media to generate leads.  That is to make meaningful connections not just clicking on the connect button but take a few extra moments to check out the contact and make a personalized message.

Meaningful content
The second step should come a week or so later unless your first message got a positive response.  The second message should provide meaningful content but still not a sales pitch for your products or services, but rather something your new contact might be interested in related to  things you see in their profile.

for example:

Hi [John], I just read this and thought you might be interested. [Link] is all about [summary] and I found it useful, hope you do as well.

Warm regards,


You can ask if you can help with anything such as specific topics or research you can do FOR BOTH OF YOU.  Again no sales pitch, NONE.  Your goal is to engage and build value in the conversation.

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