Friday, May 31, 2019

Sales isn't just selling

Everybody is selling.  If you are a low level employee you are selling your labor to the manager.  Do a good job and deliver more value that your boss is paying you to deliver and you keep your job .  Deliver more than your boss is paying you to deliver by a significant amount and you can earn a pay increase or even a promotion.  As soon as you stop delivering what your boss is paying you to deliver and you will lose your job.

So how is that different in other jobs, other industries, other markets, other titles?  Not much as it turns out.  If the CEO delivers results in shareholder value, he keeps his job, do even better and he gets a bonus, fails and he is replaced.  Everywhere in between is the same, everybody has a boss and everybody needs to deliver more value than he/she is being paid to deliver or they lose their job or customers or clients.

Whit that in mind here are some other facts to consider in the retail sales area.

They cannot buy from you if they don't know you exit.  Good location, good advertising, good word of mouth all contribute to customers knowing you exist and possibly buy from you.

People like to buy but hate to be sold.  You need to attract customers and help them with the buy decision, not push them into what you want them to buy.

People like to buy from someone they know and  trust.  Get to know your customers, talk with them, find out what they want and do not want.  Look as that they tell you and find ways to satisfy their need you will get more customers and sales.

Satisfied customers will tell one friend about you.  Dissatisfied customers will tell 5 friends about you.  Provide good customer experience, make them happy and you will grow.  Failure to do that will cause your business to decline rapidly.

Do not be afraid to refer a customer to another store if you know they can find what they are looking for there.  it builds trust and they will come to you first for the next product they need.

Lastly people buy:

1) From the first person that can solve a problem or fill a need;
2) From the person with the lowest perceived risk solution to their problem or need;
3) From the person with the BEST solution to their problem or need.

And they do it in THAT ORDER.

Happy selling.

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