Sunday, November 25, 2018

Print Media vs Online advertising

Since and all our Explorer4 sites like are part of our Social Media Marketing and Advertising ecosystem, I just read this article on Print Media vs. Online advertising.

One thing that jumped out at me was the Manila Real Estate Market and the plethora of Flyer/Brochure dispensers at Malls and other locations around Metro Manila.

If you actually succeed in getting leads from these handouts, at what cost?  How does that compare to Social Media in cost per lead?  What are the hidden costs?  How much is your time worth? 

This article addresses many of these.

online brochureWith the Internet established as many people’s first port of call for information about companies, and smart phone app capable of delivering real time deals to savvy shoppers, you might be wondering whether print media is still a viable channel, or whether you should concentrate your budget on online advertising. The truth is, both online and print advertising have their part to play in a cohesive brand management and sales generation strategy.
The full article...

If you have any questions please comment.  I am planning on other blog posts in the near future to fully address the trade-offs of print vs, online marketing.

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