Wednesday, November 21, 2018

How Millions of Small Businesses get Quality Software for little money

Most Small Businesses do not have the expertise to buy and run application software themselves.  Sometimes they try and fail, sometimes they pay someone way too much for the applications and a small number have discovered Small Business oriented Software as a Service.  Software as a Service is software that you run online, with nothing to install and you can access it from your mobile device or from a PC Web Browser.

We have offered low cost high value Software as a Service applications to our subscribers since 2012.

Here are two examples of Software as a Service applications that our subscribers use to enhance their business.  All our subscribers can avail themselves of these and over 400 other applications for as little as P250/mo and those applications are included in all our packages from P1,000/mo up.

Dolphin can let you create your own private or public social media site either as part of your web site or as a seperate site.  We can customize it for you and you can use it to promote your business much better than simply a blog or Facebook page.  We can even integrate it with our Explorer4 ecosystem for even greater reach.

Imagine getting into e-Commerce with an online store for your products without the hassle of the commercial sites and expense.  We can customize this for you and we can include it for you for as little as P250/mo or as part of any of out packages at P1,000 or more.

We have over 450 applications to choose from including accounting, inventory, forums, and galleries and a lot more.

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