Monday, January 29, 2018

Principle Consultant CV

Here is a short video description of my CV on Linked in at

Open 4 Business Online is primarily for helping Small Business Grow.  We have consultants on all aspects of that effort including Web Presence, Web Site Design and Development and Social Media.

We are also offering various levels of Professional Services including IT Outsourcing from one part time on site technician to a full IT Outsourcing from CIO down.

As the CTO of O4BO my CV/LinkedIn Profile means you can trust that we have the experience and sills to do that job.  Please go to and sign up for a free listing on one of our sites. 

References available on request.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

O4BO Professional Services

Let me introduce the newest suite of services for our subscribers.

Professional Services and Small Business IT Outsourcing.

This short Video shows a page from our web site and describes those services.

As the Founder of O4BO I am also the Chief Architect and the primary Consultant on Enterprise Architecture, Solution Architecture, Integration Architecture and Service Oriented Architecture.

You can view my CV/Profile at

Please check out this short video that outlines our IT Outsourcing Packages.

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