Saturday, June 3, 2017

Medium is the medium

One of if not the best ways to grow your small business is to get people's eyes on your business. Traditionally that was done with advertisements and that is a multi-billion dollar industry. 

Small businesses need the same thing large businesses new, eyes on their business, but small business cannot afford much advertising. 

One way around that is to blog, if you write or pay someone to write your blog that can gets eyes on your business and products or services. An informative blog will get good attention. 

But that alone is not always going to be enough. Search Engine Optization will drive those eyes to your business if you do it right. 

Blogger is a great starting point. In your blog you can link your social media and web sites to increase your links which will increase the likelihood of hit on searches. 

Another way is to link your blog post to Medium where hundreds of thousands of people have signed up to follow articles written by people like you on dozens of topics. There are Publication that are like online magazines and they may accept and publish your articles.

Look at this list of just four of these publications on Medium. 

If you get your article posted on one of these you can see you can reach 250k or so for free. 

At we automatically take our subscriber's Blog posts and repost them on Facebook, Web Pages, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Medium. 

So our subscriber's get a lot more exposure than just a blog post alone can get. 

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