Sunday, April 23, 2017

Search Engine Optimization for Beginners


One of the services we do for our subscribers is Search Engine Optimization or SEO.  That means we do things the increase the chances that your page will show in the first page of a Search for "CONTENT" or "Keywords" on your page.

Here is a link to an article that will help you understand what SEO is all about.  I won't copy and paste here, so you can go and read it yourself and then come back here to finish.

Ok, now we follow this guide in all manner of things when our subscribers have a full page, or web site plus a blog plus all the social media pages, we link all these together, so a blog post is reflected in a link from the web site, web page, social media and often in another blog.  These links carry weight in the rankings.  Traffic is another ranking factor out of hundreds, so doing a good job in the CONTENT is a big help with SEO.

Here is an experiment you can try.

There is perhaps no greater tool available to webmasters researching the activities of the engines than the freedom to use the search engines themselves to perform experiments, test hypotheses, and form opinions. It is through this iterative—sometimes painstaking—process that a considerable amount of knowledge about the functions of the engines has been gleaned. Some of the experiments we’ve tried go something like this:
  1. Register a new website with nonsense keywords (e.g.,
  2. Create multiple pages on that website, all targeting a similarly ludicrous term (e.g., yoogewgally).
  3. Make the pages as close to identical as possible, then alter one variable at a time, experimenting with placement of text, formatting, use of keywords, link structures, etc.
  4. Point links at the domain from indexed, well-crawled pages on other domains.
  1. Record the rankings of the pages in search engines.
  2. Now make small alterations to the pages and assess their impact on search results to determine what factors might push a result up or down against its peers.
  3. Record any results that appear to be effective, and re-test them on other domains or with other terms. If several tests consistently return the same results, chances are you’ve discovered a pattern that is used by the search engines.
Keywords that are linked to the content of the page will carry the most weight.

Keywords and Title that are Unique carry the next highest weight.

Common Words, Names and places carry the least amount of weight.

Search for Mike Oliver and you will get quite a few links, some relevant and some not.

Search for Mike Oliver Consultant will get more focused results.

Consultant Architect, Makati City, Philippines will get even more focused events.

Consultant Architect, Makati City, Philippines,  Search Engine Optimization for Beginners will get even more focused results.

Ego's get in the way, I know people that have google alerts on their name with no other keywords and get paranoid when the rankings change..nothing personal, just not focused enough.


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