Friday, April 28, 2017

If This Then That

I am a strong believer in getting more done with less effort.  I am also a strong believer in using automation do remember to do things I might forget.

For many decades I have had an assistant to do things for me.  Most of the time I need that for mundane things like setting and updating appointment and for distributing information to my staff.

I now have an assistant that does many things for me.

This is not a person but a free service with an App on my IPhone.

The tool is IFTTT or If This Then That.

Applets bring your favorite services together

  • Tweet your Instagrams as native photos on Twitter
  • Track your work hours in Google Calendar
  • Mute your Android phone when you arrive at work
  • Get the weather forecast every day at 7:00 AM
  • Sync all your new iOS Contacts to a Google Spreadsheet
In fact I just turned on an Applet that will take this Blog post and post it to my LinkedIn Profile.  It took exactly two clicks in the IFTTT app on my iphone.

Enjoy!  I can hardily endorse its value.

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