Thursday, January 5, 2017

So you want to start and grow your small business?

There are many ways you can start and grow your small business.  Depending on your own skill and the skills of your initial employees you may have the ability to do all the work yourself or with your staff.  Another option is to hire a freelance expert in various areas to help you.  Another option is to find a company that can help you as part of a single service.  There are advantages and disadvantages to each approach.  This blog post will attempt to give you both a blueprint of the tasks you need to accomplish and the alternatives and associated costs so you can make an informed decision.

What are the tasks you will need to accomplish?  Here is a list along with the cost of a typical freelancer.

  1. Start off with a new Logo - $35+
  2. Create a great web site - $150 + hosting @$15+/mo
  3. Create an email list and funnel - $35
  4. Search Engine Optimization of your web site - $45
  5. Setup a Social Media campaign - $35
  6. Setup and link a Blog to your web site - $20
  7. Offer a translation to a local langage to increase traffic - $35
  8. Go Mobile with an Android or iOS App - $200
  9. Manage Social Media - $25/hr
  10. Create new graphics - $35/hr
  11. Create new video and incorporate in your Social Media and web site - $45/hr

Even if you or your initial staff has these skills, it may not be worth your time in comparison to the cost of a Freelancer, that is up to you.

Consider the up front costs of these 11 tasks.  The total minimal cost of these will be $695.  Then you have the monthly cost of hosting and management which will add up to $120/mo for just one hour of professional services tasks 9-11 each month, some will need more and some less.  Not included in this is any sort of Online applications like a shopping cart, accounting software or eCommerce.  Many of you will need more so please consider this to be a minimal list of costs.

We offer an alternative in a package that I am sure can meet your budget.

Please go to and check out the pricing from $10/mo to $60/mo and at $60/mo that includes 12 hours of Tasks 9-11 as you might need them plus ALL the other tasks from startup through management.

Pretty clear choice in my opinion and we take all the hassle and risk out of dealing with Freelancers.