Thursday, September 15, 2016

Wow Technology is great

Yesterday I was lamenting my bank because I wanted to register one of my credit cards so I could pay my bill online. Oh no, you must fill out a form and take to a branch, really?  So in this digital Universe the bank needs paper.  Hmmm what do they do with that paper?  A data entry clerk inputs the data from the form and scans the paper, then puts the paper in a file. 

I am writing a book and online course right now on Digital Transformation for the Enterprises, because of experiences like this. The bank spends a lot of money to do this when it is not necessary because I could fill out the online form and scan my signature or digitally sign a pdf, all online and save that bank all that effort, same result. 

On the other hand I wanted to print the form but when I went to print there were no printers online, so I printed to my DropBox My Documents folder on my laptop at the office. 

This morning I turned on my Network Printer, went to my Dropbox app on my iphone, that pdf I printed to dropbox yesteday showed in my recents list in the dropbox app. I opened that document in the dropbox app and selected print, my network printer (wifi) was showing and I printed it from the app. How cool is that?

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