Monday, August 1, 2016

World Championns

So how many World Champions do you know?  How many have you ever met?  I had the good fortune to not only have met two but to have spent time with them.  Dan Severn, is a former World Champion Heavyweight Mixed Martial Arts fighter he graduated from Arizona State University and had a very successful career as a wrestler in College and then in MMA after that.  We met at an MMA Seminar where I was sponsoring Jujeath Nagaowa, then a new MMA Fighter from the Philippines.  She won that bout and then took a year off from MMA and won the World Championship for Woman's Boxing (yes under achiever) and now has returned to MMA and just won her third MMA bout with no losses.

So what has this to do with Open 4 Business Online other than my bragging that I know them?  Well a sponsorship like the one we did for Jujeath "Bad Girl" Nagaowa, is a great way to advertise your business if you think your target market will see your brand by watching the fight.  As fighters move up the fame ladder they will both require more money to get a sponsorship but get more exposure for your brand as well.

Now that our "Bad Girl" is World Champion Boxer and has started MMA fighting again, now would be a good time to sponsor her.  If she becomes a World Champion MMA fighter she will be THE FIRST figher of either sex to be both a world champion boxer and world champion MMA fighter...after that her sponsorship minimum will be much higher. 👍👍👍

Let us know if you are interested in Sponsoring Jujeath and we will introduce you.  If you have a small business then we can help you in other ways get more eyes on your brand including Social Media, Web Presence and more.

Me and Jujeath.

Me and Dan (Dan is the big guy)

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