Saturday, May 14, 2016

Reach Explained

We at O4BO.COM are in the business of helping Small Business Grow.  We that in a number of ways, one of those ways is to tie your web site with your Social Media.

Reach is a term used to describe how many people you can get eyes on your ad/post.  When you post on your FaceBook timeline typically your "Reach" is the number of friends you have.  If you have a FaceBook page, then you can get more reach by people that have liked your page or follow your page plus your friends.

So when you boost a post to make it into an ad, you can reach your friends plus your page likers plus your page followers, plus the target for your boost.

The conversion rate on Facebook ads is much greater for the people that have previously liked a post of yours, your page, etc. than those reached with the boost.

So you can boost anything you want, but if you don't have a page or don't have a lot of friends or followers, your conversion rate into action is going to be much lower.

Now here is where we can help.

If you go to you will see all our subscribers listed there and if you go to Facebook/explorer4manila you will see each of those subscribers have ads that we have boosted.

Why is that better than just boosting your own ad?

The Reach and Conversion rate is MUCH higher for our subscribers because we have thousands of followers, friends and likes from all our subscribers and the friends and followers of our subscribers.

So when we boost a post on our Facebook page, the reach is expanded to not only our subscribers but all the friends and followers for all our subscribers pages PLUS the people in the Boost.

That means you get for more for your money with us.  We use 10% of our subscriber's fees, to boost ads every month.  We can get thousands more in our Reach and more likes on your ads when we post them on our explorer4* pages.

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