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This is Mike Oliver with the daily vlog 4 Open 4 Business Online.
Today I’m gonna go over one of our explorer4 sites.

This is explorer4palawan. Palawan is an island chain in the Philippines with some really fantastic scenery and some great businesses and the explorer4palawan site is designed to promote those businesses and to bring software as a service to our subscribers.
As you notice here, the explorer4palawan site has pictures of the various sites and tourist attractions in Palawan,  also we have a scroller here that are showing some of the subscribers that we have to our business and we promote these businesses directly and indirectly. Directly as you see we have their logo passing by on the site and indirectly, we do Google advertising that will drive people to these sites. 

We also do Search Engine Optimization and social media posts that drive people to these sites. The Search Engine Optimization will allow people that search for a particular kind business in Palawan to have their listing here listed higher than anybody else on a Google search.  
As you can see, a good number of subscribers already and when you mouse over one of this and click on particular subscriber then you can look at the information about that subscriber and you can get the information on how to contact them and what their business is. It’s very very useful.
So how do you become a subscriber? Well, you see this link here, this is Business Registration and then we have our Store.  We click on the Store; we see the matrix of the various products and services that we offer.

Scroll up here, the most basic one is free, that is the explorer4 listing, that’s the listing I just showed you and you get that for free. It includes your logo and allows you to be included in searches and so forth.

For a little bit more. Two Hundred and Fifty (P250) pesos a month, you can get full page but in addition to that, you get a Bitrix24 subscription that gives you a customer relationship management, project management and even some online storage, so just Two Hundred and Fifty (P250) pesos a month, about Five ($5) dollars, you get a great value, just absolutely a great value.

For Five Hundred (P500) pesos a month or about Ten ($10) dollars you get the Listing, the Bitrix24 you get a full page and carousel, you get access to your own personal portal that you can add users to and do collaboration on, you get web content management so that you can actually maintain the page yourself, change the content yourself, web based accounting so you’ll have a full accounting package, web based project management that allows you keep track of various projects you are doing and you get support calls so that we will help you and you can get social media on Twitter and that is just 10 dollars a month.

We have packages that go all the way up to Six Thousand (P6000) a month, and at P6000 a month, you get a professional services like creating website content, creating videos, a lot of different things that you can get, many of our customers chose this package because it puts the cost of professional services down with small businessman can afford it.
In between, we have packages that include domain names, unlimited emails and just about everything that small business would want.

All you have to do to get started is click on the Business Registration link and that will bring up a form that allows you to put your information in and it will automatically go up in the site.
You don’t have to put any credit card information; you don’t have to do anything except fill up the form.

We even have a demo that shows you how to do it, although it’s as simple as filling in a form.
You can also go to the Store and decide which package is you want.
As you can see, the form is very simple, it just your contact information, your description, your business name, if you have a website, you can in list it here and we have to link it back from our site to yours.

If you have any existing social media accounts, you just provide the information here we will put that into your site.

Thank you very much, it’s been my pleasure talk to you today and well see you on a next blog.

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