Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Evolve or Die

In today’s blog post is “evolve or die.”  

Transcript- So it’s is your choice really, you either evolve and I am talking about your personal life or your family life or your business, or you die.  Evolution is part of nature.  Some will dispute this, but most species, people will agree, the species either revolves or it dies.  Here’s one that didn’t make it (Dinosaur) is your business the same way? I believe it is.
I think that there is ample proof that if your business isn’t growing then it is stagnant or if it’s just barely growing then eventually other businesses around you will love will start, they’ll grow will take customers away from you.  If you’re not growing faster than that and you’re going to eventually die.  
So is success a straight path?  You know why it is easy, “I’ll just make it and I got a great product and great location, nothing is going to stop me”, well if that’s true congratulations!
I think that most people’s path to success has some bumps in it. I think there’s going to be some decisions you have to make then which way you go, one ways to success the other way is not.
And some of you are probably on circle road that goes around and around and around and so therefore you’re never going to reach success and like I said earlier if you don’t evolve your going to die.
So is the curved road the path to success?  If you are like most companies you reach curves in the road, you have to zigzag to go up the hill.  You have to find your way so there’s options.  You choose door number one or door number two. 
There are choices everywhere just liking the matrix movie.  Yes this place was is just how you pick the right one.  The thing to do is to take each one of those choices and use it as an opportunity to come up with an idea, something you can use to make your company grow.  Is at a website? Go online or to stay off-line in and just depend on signs and flyers and not maybe print advertising or is it business networking?  With business networking what you do is you connect with the businesses around you. Some of you already buy from someone, already buy from you and is sure that they understand what it is that you do what your products are, what your values are, what benefits of your service is and so forth.  So that in the business networking if somebody says to them why you know I need a “class A widget” and if they know you sell “class A widgets” guess what? Is a discover and talk to “Holly” he’s got the best “class A widgets you can find” them they’ll come to you same way around if you know where to find a “class B widgets” and somebody asked you about “where I find widgets” using it only sell “class A widgets” but this store over here sells “class B widgets” and if you can’t afford a “class A widget” going to see him and get a “class B widget”   Even your competitors will start to work with you, to refer customers to you and it’s just a matter of doing the business networking!
So we can help. The Explorer4 websites give you a free listing with a logo so that people can find you.  We do networking events where we have a seminar where we teach about business networking.  We teach about web advertising.  We teach a lot of different things and if you want us to do it for you we can do it for you for very little.   We are talking about a full website with email and accounting software and customer management software for less than a part-time employee!

So, one of the sites we have one for each of the regions there’s more than then just here but if you go to any one of them you’ll find the others.

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