Monday, April 27, 2015

Bye Bye, wait

Another tip on how you can grow your small business is to try harder to keep your existing customers.  My Video Log today addresses this...



How to grow your small business this is Mike Oliver founder of Explorer 4 and "bye-bye but wait" sometimes you lose customers it's true they may be leaving for reasons you don't know knowing those reasons may help you lose fewer listening to a customer that is leaving may turn them around what to do send them an email saying sorry cinema survey to find out why offer a chance to talk to the boss as you offer a discounter or some other incentive or like maybe a T-shirt what to say a Charles is here no longer buying from us I'm sorry we did anything to displease you can you take a minute to help us improve so we don't lose any more viable customers like you to spell out our search our survey and here's the URL thanks for your patronage and truly sorry to see you leave your volume is small congratulations just do it manually and personally otherwise you might want to use one of the tools on the
Explorer 4 and 04 VO we use a tool and capture events and automate the process for ourselves and our subscribers some of the tools Varro customer I/O a letter which is one of the ones we use segment and you can see here's some more links you can Google these guide email marketing the a Weber block better emails converting email copy and 04 VO at me and that's today's block

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