Saturday, March 7, 2015

SOA Terminology

Part of the SOA Fundamentals course being produced for Udemy and SkillFeeds.  This lecture covers most of the terms used in any of the certification exams for SOA Professional.  Terms included are: What is Service Oriented Computing; Service Oriented Architecture; Service Inventory; Atomic Service; Facade; Composition Controller; Orchestration; Autonomy; Statelessness; Standardized Service Contracts; Loose Coupling; Concurrent Contracts; Centralized Logic; Centralized Contracts; Centralized Schemas; Reusability; Composability; Composition Sub-Controller; and more.

When the course is completed, students will be able to take the course, learn the SOA Fundamentals and then take one of the entry level SOA Certification Exams.  The quizes and sample questions in this course will directly correlate to the questions on the exams.  If you take and exam and feel one of the questions needs improvement we will update the course after researching the question and potential answers based on your feedback.  This course will then be a living resource for any SOA Professional.

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