Tuesday, March 17, 2015

SOA Fundamentals for Managers

If you are considering or have decided to embark on Service Oriented Architecture migration, this video should help you sell it to your managers.

Here is the transcript:

HELLLO my name is Mike Oliver I am the lead architect for the smart SOA CoE I would like to take a couple a minutes to introduce to the service oriented architecture fundamentals. 


SOA  is the acronym for service oriented architecture what it isn’t... a technology or a product to buy.
Like object oriented programming it is a way of thinking that puts a priority on following developing applications around and with services.  The priorities are: business value over technical strategy; strategic goals over project specific benefits; intrinsic interoperability over custom integration; shared services over specific purpose implementation; flexibility over optimization; and evolutionary refinement over initial perfection. 

A SOA has the following benefits: increased agility; decreased time to production; reduced total cost or ownership; improved control; and closer tie of business needs to IT.

HOW DO WE REALIZE THESE BENEFITS? We migrate application one at a time to SOA,
and SOA governance.  While there will be some upfront costs for training and development, in the longer run, costs are reduced as more and more assets become reusable services. Remember it is a way of thinking more than anything else. 

There are technologies that can help, like the IBM integration bus (ESB) and the WebSphere service registry and repository (WSRR). But there are many choices for technology including open source and other vendors. Through standards and design patterns we can easily have a mix of vendor technologies which means we are never locked into one vendor for long.

Thank you, Mike “MO” Oliver lead architect Smart SOA COE.

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