Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Open 4 Business Online Taps IBM Cloud to Deliver Stable, Secured Software Architecture

IBM and Open 4 Business Online have published a press release and you can read it at and other news channels have picked it up.

But while this is a great thing for us and for our subscribers, it also serves to highlight some of the things we do and how we keep our prices down while at the same time provide a secure and high performance product to our subscribers.

Small Businesses can sign up for free and start taking advantage of our services at any time.  They can match their needs with our services and rest assured they are getting the best services at the lowest cost and this press release comes from one of the largest companies in the world that sees that same value proposition.

We are IBM Business Partners and believe our focus on the Small Business person's needs builds on that partnership to reduce the risk alongside the costs to their needs.


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  2. Customers can access any of these various tools under software as a service (SaaS) delivery model, paying for service on an as-needed basis. O4BO staff can access a common cloud management portal to request new virtual machines and create unique operating instances to support new customer requests in minutes.

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  5. One of the most positive moments is that you are reducing prices, but still provide a very high-quality product.

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