Saturday, April 19, 2014

IndieGoGo Campaign Launch Explorer 4 Small Business

We have started IndieGoGo Explorer 4 Small Business to raise money, but more importantly to give our initial subscribers a great deal and populate our sites with listings and images that will attract customers to our subscriber's small businesses.

On the IndieGoGo Explorer 4 Small Business site, you will find a video that shows off one of our initial subscribers. Bay Reception of Legazpi is a small business that runs a magnificent facility for Banquet's, Receptions, Weddings, and Meetings.  They can service up to 500 people in a beautiful facility with views of the Mayon Volcano and Pacific Ocean.

As marvelous as this facility is, they had a problem....getting the word out.  They were not Information Technology oriented and although they knew what the Internet could do for them (many small businesses don't), they didn't know how to do it themselves.  The only advertising they could do was a local radio station and drive by signage.

One of my nieces (I have many) went in to inquire about a graduation party, and asked a few questions on how they do their business and how they get they customers.  Well my good niece reported back and my nephew went back and did a sales pitch.  Not only did they sign up but within a week of publishing their site and listing on Explorer 4 Albay, they had their first customer booking that came from our listing.

Explorer 4 is not just for Philippines, although we certainly started here, we have plans for Explorer 4 sites for all countries and all provinces and regions as our subscribers might need.

Since that's a big task, we sought out IndieGoGo to do a campaign to offer huge discounts to new subscribers and special deals for new subscribers in a country or region giving them an upgrade from their already hugely discounted rate.

If you have a small business you can't find a better deal, if you know someone that has a small business, do them a favor and send them this link.  Just one new customer will pay for two years of ads and we don't stop there,

We started life doing hosting of Small Business applications based entirely on Open Source to keep the costs down, go to O4BO.COM to see what else we do, and all our Explorer 4 subscribers can take advantage of our other services (at a discount as you might expect).


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