Thursday, February 6, 2014

Exciting Times

When I find a new tool that will help me, I will share with you and all our subscribers at O4BO.  Today, I have three to comment on and as we get going I will provide updates and tips.

The first is ITTT which stands for "If This Then That" and I have only created one "Recipe" where I update my Twitter profile photo when I change my Facebook photo...The recipe is simple, take any one of 80+ Connections for the "This" and another for the "That" and save it.  Then if the Photo in Facebook changes, that event runs the script which Updates Twitter.  Simple, clean, and safe as it uses OAuth / OpenID to connect.  It even has data integration and extract transform and load potential via JMS and RSS head is reeling with possibilities.

The next is a new Service we are offering ALL our subscribers.  Small to Medium sized Enterprises all need accounting, but the accounting they need is simple, easy to use, and reliable. We offer several choices from OpenBravo ERP on the upper end to several Open Source accounting solutions we host.  This new service will be available in a Portlet in our Subscriber's Portal and that will integrate Wave Accounting ( with a seamless Single Sign On from our Portal.  It has everything a Small Business needs including, invoicing, payables and even Payroll (limited number of countries at the moment).

The last one today, i Asana ( which is a very cool new way to manage projects.  It is also available to all our Subscribers in a Portlet in our subscriber Portal with a seamless Single Sign On.  Having used many different Project Management and Task tracking applications, I must say this one is by far th easiest to use and it has an API that will let us integrate it with all 320+ Open Source applications we host via our O4IPaaS Integration Platform as a Service.

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