Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Trend - Call Centers are expanding product lines

Disclaimer - While we white label our products and services and have customers of ours reselling our products, this blog is not about any one of our subscribers.

The Philippines is a very large market for Business Process Outsourcing with many Call Centers and Back Office Outsourcing. There is a trend for those companies that are already selling services to dozens to even hundreds of customers, to up-sell those existing customers with new services.  These new services include things like expanded Call Center services or adding new Services associated with Call Centers in general.  Call Centers add Back Office Accounting processing, or Back Office Accounting service companies are adding Call Center services.

Some of the new services are home grown, and especially the larger companies that can afford an IT staff will write custom software, and then up-sell their existing customers with that solution.

What we are seeing and is very exciting for us, is that BPO companies and especially those that cannot afford to write their own custom software, are looking to us to white label our solutions to their customers.  These include our SaaS solutions in CRM, ERP, Portal, Web Site Management, and literally dozens of Open Source solutions we integrate and host.  Our Integration Platform as a Service helps them integrate their existing software for call management with CRM (ours or anyone else like or to add Back Office accounting services without having to develop or even host the accounting software.

BPO companies of all types usually speak to their value proposition, "we do the work you don't want to do, leaving you to do what you do best", well we follow that same mantra and we do the hosting and integration and leave BPO companies to do what they do best.  We both win, they get more in their bag to sell to their customers without having to invest in software development or hosting facilities and we get more customers of our own with a low cost of sale.


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