Saturday, November 23, 2013

I have a small retail business why do I need a web site?

We get that a lot.  At O4BO our customers are those Small to Medium sized Enterprises that have little or no Information Technology skills or staff.  So we hear that question a lot in the beginning.

Let me answer it with a real life true scenario.

Local Restaurant in Makati City Philippines.

My Director of Marketing and Sales, Anna Raca,  and I were having dinner and talking business.  This very question came up in a sales call earlier that day and we were discussing it.

Anna had her iPad Mini LTE with her and we opened Google Maps.  We located ourselves on the map and searched for "Restaurant".  We found several near us, but not the one we were in.  Next door and across the street were two hotels.

I asked to see the manager and he joined us at our table after a little while and had the following conversation.

Me: "Do you have a web site?"
Mgr: "No, we don't, we don't need one, we are small and depend on walk in traffic."
Me: "I see you are not full and nobody waiting in line to get in, why is that?"
Mgr: "Its early yet."
Me: "Is it because your food isn't great or your service isn't great?"
Mgr: "You come here often, why is that?"
Me: "Ah yes, it is because the food is great and the service is great? So, with great food and great service in the middle of the Entertainment district of Makati, why don't you have a full restaurant at the dinner hour?"
Mgr: "Well if you are trying to say it is because I don't have a web site, I don't see how that matters.  People walk by and if they like Persian food they come in."
Me: "Do you travel much?  When you stay in a Hotel like the one next door or across the street, do you know where all the restaurants are?"
Mgr: "Well I ask the concierge usually."
Me: "Ok and you have a good relationship with the concierge in every hotel in Makati?"
Mgr: "Some"
Me: "Do a lot of business travelers have laptops or smart phones?"
Mgr: "Yes sure, most do."
Me: "Let me show you something"
Mgr: "Ok"
Me: "Anna, please show him google maps and locate our current position."
Anna: "Ok here we are..."
Me: "Now search for Restaurant"
Anna: "Ok here are all the restaurants in the current view."
Me: "Do you see your restaurant listed?"
Mgr: "No"
Me: "So if you had a web site and if your Restaurant was listed in Google Places and if you had someone ensure it did show on that map, would that mean more people that are business travelers staying in the Hotels around here will find you and come here?"
Mgr: "I guess so."
Me: "So did that answer your question on why you need a web site?"
Mgr: "And I suppose you can help me with that?"
Me: "Whatever gave you that idea?  No, not me, but Anna can."

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