Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What do Small businesses need? SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, or what?

Most small businesses are not in Information Technology.  Most have a product or service they offer for sale.  Most have a need to do Marketing to get the word out about their product or service.  Most have a need to manage their Customers Relationship.  Most have a need for some level of accounting.  These are pretty universal we believe.

In this day and age, marketing includes many different moving parts.  You can do advertising, and that can be effective for certain classes of products and services, but less effective for others.  For example, if you have a product or service that is very specialized  say a product for Aviation Tooling, an Ad in Facebook isn't going to be as effective as an ad in an Aviation Industry magazine or Trade Show booth.

Social Networking is another way to get the word out, and because social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. have so many members, with a little effort you can reach your target market more easily than just about any other way.  The difficulty is in knowing how to use these media to be effective.

A web site that fits with your Social Media campaigns, and supports things like Mailing List Opt In and A/B testing of media campaigns is a very effective way to do marketing.  The problem is that most small businesses are NOT in Information Technology, so knowing how to setup Opt In pages, landing pages, web sites, a Portal and AutoResponders is beyond their skills sets.

O4BO is all about Small Business.  We want to be your resource for assistance in bringing you not only the tools you need to do marketing and sales, but the expertise to help you get where you want to go, and at a cost that you can afford.

We have Software as a Service to help with Web Sites, Web Content Management, Mailing List Management, AutoResponders, Landing Pages, Customer Relationship Management, Basic Accounting or full ERP accounting and assistance in setting up Social Media Campaigns, all starting at a monthly fee less than ONE day's pay for an IT staff person.

In addition to that we use Open Source software, so if you ever become unhappy with us, you can take your data and setup the same software on your own servers and it won't cost you anything, no risk whatsoever, no lock in whatsoever.

Give us a try, you won't find a better employee for any price.



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