Saturday, September 14, 2013


It has been a while since my last post. That has partly been a combination of summer activities and time off, but most just busy. is adding focus. Instead of one site and one product line and services offerings, we are diversifying and putting focus on more specific products and services more properly grouped and we will be adding staff in each division to provide better messaging and service. 

The new divisions are:  O4SaaS; O4IaaS; O4IPaaS and O4PaaS. will handle all Open Source applications, integrated and Sold as Software as a Service. will handle Cloud brokerage and Managed Cloud Services from multiple cloud providers. will handle Integration Platform as a Service, brining pur own Context Aware Rules Engine and Enterprise Service Bus to bear on integration projects both internally and as. Dedicated application integration service. handles Rapid application development Platform services for non programmers and business analysts to build applications that are automatically integrated with all our other division's products and services. 

This should help reduce the chaff and complexity of message and bring focus and clarity to our partners and customers. Each of these entities will have their own web site and blog as well as social media presence. 

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