Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Software Defined Environments

Software Defined Environments (SDE) is the future.  Bold statement eh?  Well here is some evidence of that very thing.  First of all, you probably know or have heard about "The Cloud", ah well that is an SDE itself, the Cloud is all about software creating an environment that mimics a physical machine, down to its operating system and run time environment.  So with that you can say SDE with Clouds of all types, is here today.

IBM is betting SDE is the future, just read http://www-03.ibm.com/press/us/en/pressrelease/40726.wss

"Software Defined Networking (SDN) is an approach to network design and management that moves the control of network switches – which forward data through an enterprise – from the switches to an extensible software platform with open interfaces. By doing so, administrators can easily manage and change the priorities of switches remotely to accelerate, moderate or block certain types of data from flowing through their network. The result is greater enterprise performance, scalability and security.
The IBM Software Defined Network for Virtual Environments (SDN VE) is a virtual overlay network solution that automates and speeds the process of setting up such SDN networks. In addition, SDN VE enables network administrators to speed up traditionally time-consuming tasks such as network provisioning from days to hours."
IBM is also using SDE techniques with its PureSystems http://www.ibm.com/ibm/puresystems/us/en/index.html to improve efficiency and flexibility.  If you want to deploy an application on a new virtual machine it is all done in software.  

Financing for PureSystems

How IBM Flex System Manager compares

See how Flex System Manager compares versus competitor

As an IBM BusinessPartner O4BO brings all these SDE based tools to bear on our customer's solutions, from Small Businesses with SaaS solutions that are integrated with other SaaS solutions, to Large Enterprises that need robust integration and managed services, we are positioned to do that better than anyone because we have added a number of services to the mix.

Our Context Aware Rules Engine (CARE) is a SDE that allows Dynamic Event handling for any application either inside the O4BO environent or legacy systes or even other vendor's SaaS solutions.

Our Integration as a Service includes CARE and an Enterprise Service Bus that allows SDE for workflows and Business Proceses.

Software Defined Environments are the future, for O4BO, IBM and our subscribers.

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