Thursday, February 7, 2013

Why is SaaS+PaaS+IaaS so good?

At a recent investor forum, I made our pitch that we were the first company that offered SaaS+PaaS+IaaS (both Integration and Infrastructure).

We made it to the final 30 out of 700 applicants and final 10 yet to be chosen at IdeaSpace.

Why is SaaS+PaaS+IaaS so good? Let's start with PaaS, Platform as a Service, this relates to a Platform that is delivered as a Service that allows you to build applications totally or mostly on web browsers.  Many believe that's enough and their companies ONLY offer PaaS.  However our market is the Small to Medium sized Enterprise (SME) without significant IT expertise.  So starting from scratch to build an application for our market is no trivial step.  With O4BO we start with existing applications, database and Web Services to access those applications and data.  Our PaaS partner WorkXpress is fully integrated with our Platform and their tool has full access to all our tables and views via Web Serivces.  That makes is easier for someone to build an extension to ERP or CRM to meet their own needs or to access data from multiple sources in one application also done easily with WorkXpress.  So SaaS+PaaS is good for our subscribers.

Next let's look at Integration as a Service or IaaS, this is based on an Enterprise Service Bus that lets us expose those ERP and CRM tables (as well as any application data in WorkXpress) and is why we can integrate PaaS and SaaS.  It also allows us to integrate our subscriber's legacy data and applications that are outside our Platform via Web Services or an API if available.

Lastly the other IaaS, Infrastructure as a Service.  When one of our subscribers wants to customize one or our applications or deploy new applications they want to run on our Platform, we can do that because we have Cloud partnerships with IBM SmartCloud and ProfitBricks.  We can provide our subscribers with their own Cloud instance with everything they need fully integrated with our other applications and tools on the platform.  This also provides a level of security because if they want they can have their own database and their own applications running in their own Cloud instance....we do NOT lock them in, they can take their "stuff" and drop us out of the equation if we fail them in any way.

So that's why SaaS+PaaS+IaaS is so good!

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