Thursday, February 28, 2013

An Ecosystem for SMB SaaS

In a recent interview I was asked what O4BO did.  I tried to explain that we were a PaaS with SaaS and IaaS and Integration as a Service...hmmmm...the interviewer got a glazed look on her face, thought for a few seconds and then asked, "who are you selling to?"  I said, "We re selling a broad suite of solutions that are designed from the ground up for those Small to Medium sized Businesses that do NOT have significant Information Technology Expertise.  We both stopped to think.  She was thinking what to ask and I was thinking, "Boy this isn't going well."

The silence was broken when I said, "The essence is that we are building an site around the needs of SMBs to deliver Software as a Service."  She responded, "Ok an Ecosystem for SMB SaaS?"  and I said, "Right"

So what does this Ecosystem do for that small business that doesn't have significant IT expertise?  Here are the bullets:

  • No software to install.  Sign up and start using.
  • No hardware to buy and install and maintain, just a web browser.
  • Software as a Service for ERP, Accounting, Financials, CRM, Web Content Management, Portal, Business Intelligence, Analytics, pick and choose or take a bundle.
  • Integration of all solutions, not just the ones above but external SaaS solutions like if you want, or your legacy applications if you want.
  • Bring Your Own License.  If you have bought a license to some software but you want to deploy that software on or Platform so you can save money and have that application integrated with the rest of what we offer, you can do that.
  • Customize your solutions easily, often without programming.  We offer a Rapid Application Development environment that you can use to extend and customize any of the solutions we offer and even external solutions.
  • Create new applications on our Platform that are integrated and themselves are customizable.
  • Create new applications or extensions and then resell them to our other subscribers.  A perfect way for a programmer to earn money or for companies to pay for the customizations they need.
  • Create custom workflows with a Context Aware Rules Engine that can be customized for each tenant and can include any solutions on the platform including our SaaS solutions and customizations or new applications deployed on the platform.
The ecosystem descriptor get away from the alphabet soup that are just acronyms and with no precise meaning.  


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