Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Vertical Industrial Parks

Vertical Industrial Parks

Wouldn't it be cool if someone would build an Industrial Park for just one Industry?  They could have facilities for suppliers, manufacturers, after market, contractors, specialty vendors, and even consumers in one place.

The park's welcome center could have live demos and conference facilities and even a convention center just for that industry.  A backbone local area network with an Enterprise Service Bus would allow all the tenants in the park to communicate and it would be easy to check on the status of an order and face to face meetings could be done easily.

The consumer could go to the showrooms for all the vendors in the industry in one place.

Costs would be kept low and profits would rise.

So why doesn't somebody do that?  Even if someone were to build such a campus, who could afford to move everything to that place?

So why not do the exact thing, but virtually.  An Industry Web Site, Each Vendor having their own site linked in to the "welcome center" portal home page.  An Enterprise Service Bus and standard protocols would enable the manufacturer to supplier linkage to be smooth and efficient .  Even the Consumers would appreciate having one place to go to see all the vendor's product demos.

You know, I think somebody might just be looking to do that very thing...I don't know who, but I have a guess.

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