Monday, January 14, 2013

The limitations of traditional SaaS integration approaches

The limitations of traditional SaaS integration approaches

If you read 

Right from the first line...

" Enterprises want seamless integration between their software as a service (SaaS) and on-premise applications. "

to the last line...

 Organisations must understand these limitations and should opt for an approach that aligns well with the needs of both on-premise and SaaS integrations.  "
... the article speaks to the need for a Service Oriented Architecture as the proper approach

SOA is perhaps the only traditional approach capable of meeting a wide range of integration requirements.   "

Our SaaS + PaaS + IaaS with our SaaS applications for ERP, Accounting, Inventory, eCommerce, Web Content Management, CRM, and Portal all integrated with Mule ESB in a SOA means ALL of the limitations in the article are addressed by O4BO.  Of course the article was written by Ovum to sell their SOA consulting, but nonetheless...

" Ovum believes that the most prominent driver of SOA adoption is its capability to meet complex integration requirements, including on-premise-to-SaaS integrations and B2B integrations that involve multi-enterprise process automations.   "

Oh yea, exactly right, thank you very much.

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