Monday, January 7, 2013

No Lock In SaaS

Yes, it may seem like an Oxymoron to say

No Lock In SaaS

“Lock In”, what it means is that when you sign up for many if not most SaaS solutions, you cannot take your data and leave.  The application simply doesn’t stand alone and cannot be run anywhere but on the servers with the SaaS vendor.  That is what Lock In means and is   the rule rather than the exception.
What if you could simply download your data, install the application wherever you want?  Wouldn’t that be preferable   Sure.  What if the vendor of your SaaS application actually helped you do that?  Yes, what if they offered a service to extricate your data and deploy it wherever you want, even to a low cost preconfigured Cloud instance ready to run!  That would be unique wouldn’t it?  That would protect your investment in training and your data, and that would be unique wouldn’t it?
Well, @O4BO we do exactly that.  You can subscribe to any of the solutions on you can leave whenever you want.  The solutions are Open Source and downloadable.  The data can be exported from us and imported into your own database.  OR If you want we can take your application and its data and deploy it to ProfitBricks for a low cost server infrastructure, and you will be up and running with no effort.
When we say we are here to serve our customers, we mean it.  We don’t lock you in.  We even spend our own development bucks to enable you to leave and leave easily…that’s customer service.

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