Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I2aaS as if we needed yet another Acronym

So we have SPI which is a shortened Acronym of three other Acronyms SaaS, PaaS and Iaas.

The problem with that is the IaaS, which one is it?  Is it Infrastructure as a Service, like IBM SmartCloud, or ProfitBricks Cloud, or Amazon Web Services?  Or is it Integration as a Service like MuleSoft's CloudHub?

To follow the precedent of WWW being shortened to W3 and Command and Control shortened to C2...

I needed a way to describe O4BO's SaaS+PaaS+IaaS+IaaS because we do both Infrastructure as a Service on various clouds, and Integration as a Service with a hosted ESB that is preconfigured with all the endpoints for all the SaaS and PaaS applications on our platform.

So I2aaS is how I will refer to it.  Unless someone has already claimed if for some other purpose.

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