Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What if SalesForce.com and NetSuite Merged

No, this isn't an investor brief and not insider information so don't make any investment decisions based on the two public companies, SalesForce.com and NetSuite.com

What would that merged company be like?  For sure the combined resources could be restructured and parallel efforts combined.  For sure the feature list of the combined solutions would be richer and the resulting combination would be an awesome collection of application features.

The Force.com platform would expand to include the NetSuite applications and the opportunities for integration and customization would increase and for many that already have both the combination would be a blessing.

It would also be a boom for all the 3rd party developers that have built add on solutions to both platforms although some would likely fall away as the PaaS+SaaS features would usurp some of the addons that used to fill that gap.

Would there be problems?  Sure, but they could operate separately for a while as they develop the integration and deployment strategies.  There is a set of problems they can't get away from, that is proprietary applications and a limited customization capability with Vendor Lock-In.  Those won't go away, they may even get worse as their integration demands get more and more complex.

So what is my point?  We at O4BO already have almost all the features of both SalesForce.com and NetSuite.com, we are open source, Service Oriented, have an integration platform already built in with Mule ESB, have customization capabilities of Liferay Portal, Web Site and Web Content Management, and in the near future integrated Wavemaker and WorkXpress for application development using industry standard technologies you can take with you if you ever wanted to, i.e. No Vendor Lock-In at all.  Did I mention we cost less per user per month and you can subscribe only for what you use?

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