Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mobile Computing

To say O4BO was designed for Mobile would be wrong.  O4BO selected its suite of applications partly because they were Mobile capable, as simple as that.  However as the most recent video from OpenBravo shows, our selection of OpenBravo for our suite brings powerful mobile access to our customers.  All the other applications have similar support for mobile computer.  This video from Liferay shows how documents managed by Literary can be synced with your mobile devices automatically.

Sugar CRM also iis adding Mobile support.  This video from Sugar CRM is a presentation showing that capability in Beta a few months ago.

Of course you should not be surprise that this video from Pentaho, shows its Mobile BI Server.

By now you probably already know that O4BO offers the only online Small Business Suite of applications for ERP, CRM, Collaboration, Web Content Management, Business Intelligence and Analytics, and more based entirely on Open Source software.  I hope these videos also inform you as to our Mobile capabilities. Combined into one integrated solution, we think we compete nicely with ANY online software suite.


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