Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs come from Small Business

Things are certainly changing.  Crowd Funding is changing the way small businesses get funded.  We @O4BO have just started a Crowd Funding campaign with http://search.voltcrowd.com/campaign/detail/507 some of the focus of Volt Crowd is the impact on creating Jobs...I think this is great and should generate a lot of interest.

Our business which is bringing the low cost high value solutions for Accounting, Inventory, Customer Relatoinship Management, Web Content Management, that will all help small businesses run more efficiently and save money at the same time.  This translates almost directly to a better bottom line and fast growth for our small business subscribers which if you follow the trend leads to more jobs.

In the past the VC community was focused on those startups that will rapidly grow past the small business status to medium to large scale businesses where they could reap the return on their investments quickly.  Lately they are moving away from the high risk high payoff ventures and that is opening the door to Angels and Crowd Funding, both of which focus bringing ventures to individuals for investment in one way or another.

For our Contributors, we bring really high value low cost perks to the equation.  We start with prices that are less than 50% of online solutions from SalesForce or NetSuite with even more features and value than either of them.

We also serve individual startups...those individuals that want to start a business and need a web site, and CRM so they can start selling their goods or services at the absolute lowest cost.  One of our perks is a $10 contribution, that will give you a real start and as you grow you can use our other services as you need them.


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