Sunday, September 2, 2012

Unlike most SaaS, Application Integration is key at O4BO

While some SaaS vendors do offer access via an API / SDK where you can do a lot to integrate their system with yours, like, most don't.  Their justification for not doing that is usually to keep costs down and retain the inegrity of their system for their subscribers.  This is true for most SaaS vendors because their architecture doesn't support customization beyond look and feel (themes) or reporting.

At O4BO we have taken a different approach.  To start with Liferay as a user defined portal.  You and your organization can create pages with portlets on them and content and even whole web sites that are either public or private.  You can define workflows graphically and those workflows can interact and interoperate with the other applications on O4BO like OpenBravo, Pentaho and Sugar CRM.  All our applications are open source, which means we can make modifications much more easily and cost effectively.

Combine the ability to create a custom portlet to access any data in any of our applications and we have a huge leg up on the competition in terms of customization.

We don't stop there however.  We now have Mule 3 integrated and available for our subscribers!

What can you do with Mule?

Application orchestration
Integrating two or more applications and/or services together to automate a process, or synchronize data in real-time.
API layer
Create REST APIs or SOAP Web Services to provide interfaces to other applications, services and mobile devices.
Legacy system modernization
Make your data and functionality available wherever it is including iSeries Mainframes, legacy messaging standards, FTP or File.
Enterprise Service Bus
Create an SOA-backbone that enables you to start small but think big. Orchestration, message routing, transformation, security, reliability and more.

We offer the Community Edition for free to all our susbscribers for the first 5 Mule Applications and for our Premium Subscribers to OpenBravo, Pentaho and Sugar CRM we remove the limitation in the community edition with no extra charge.  If you so desire you may subscribe to a full Enterprise edition of Mule with full 7x24 support for mission critical applications.

You may use the Mule IDE externally to create and test your applications and then deploy to O4BO.  You may run the Mule Management Console application in your own environment or use our Portlet into your Mule Instance, your choice.

Choice vs. Force is our motto at O4BO.

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  1. A another alternative to Mule is WSO2 API manager.
    fallowing are few key features of its service.

    API Publisher
    API Store
    API Gateway