Thursday, September 6, 2012


O4BO will let you Bring Your Own License for OpenBravo EE, Pentaho EE, Liferay EE or Sugar CRM EE.  You may also try O4BO for some time and even use the community editions at a rediculously low hosting fee for as long as you like, and when or if you want to upgrade to the Enterprise Editions, you can, and seamlessly and almost effortlessly.

Either way, you can use O4BO to make your life easier, to reduce your costs and to have all the applications  we offer today and will be offering down the road.

If you want 7x24 full commercial support on any or all of these applications, you can and stay on O4BO for as long as you want, then if you don't like O4BO for any reason, then you can take your license and your data and move on, to your own servers or some other hosting company, absolutely no "lock in".

Our partners can provide you with very specific support and the Enterprise Licenses if you need them.  Our partners have the training and certifications and staff to help you in any way you want, whether it is just training your staff on use, or to assist in customization, integration or migration.

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