Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Top Tips for using LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter in Business

O4BO caters to Small Business and particularly to those Small to Medium Scale Enterprises that are NOT software companies or Information Technology Companies.  So from time to time when we find an article or blog post that serves our customers we want to share.

Here is such an article,

The following are my favorites for each category in the article:


Integrate your blog feeds into LinkedIn

To sync your LinkedIn and blog RSS feed, by adding the BlogLink application on LinkedIn and add it into your profile. It will automatically take your profile’s website links and display it under the application section.
Incorporate videos
Everyone loves interactive content – and video is one of the best strategies a brand can use to draw attention. Videos can be played within the news feed, so users aren’t redirected away when they start playing a clip.
Be sure to keep your videos short (to keep people’s attention) and set expectations within the text to tell your fans what the clip is all about.
For example, you could use videos to show people how to best use your products/services – why not offer them a tutorial?
The power of a list
A Twitter list is basically a compilation of followers, grouped together. You can use these lists to your advantage by promoting and rewarding customers. How? Try creating a list comprised of all your valued customers and reward those on the list.

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