Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sugar CRM is the right choice.

O4BO has a new partner with CRMWorks Asia. While I could tout all their Expertise, Products and Services and probably will in future blogs, I want to concentrate on one of their Blog Posts "Two exciting press releases"  In that blog post they highlight two customer success stories,  Koozai and GForces.  Not only do these two customers report much reduced costs, they report improved effectiveness.  To get more info, and find out why Koozai and GForces abandoned Salesforce and moved to SugarCRM see
SugarCRM makes AlwaysOn On Demand Top 100 list for the third year in row! See news =>

Clearly, Sugar CRM is the right choice for Small to Medium sized Enterprises.  For those SMEs that do not have an IT staff and maybe even some that do, then O4BO and CRMWorks is the right choice for the following reasons.

  • Subscription Service, pay for only what you need, by user by month.
  • Nothing to install or maintain, just sign up and start using.
  • Costs are less than half that of or any other CRM service.
  • With O4BO and CRMWorks Asia, you can customize your CRM system with custom modules, portlets and even have us write your own customizations.
  • No Vendor Lock in.  If at some time later you want to move off O4BO, you can take your data and your customizations with you, let's say you need to hire an IT staff person anyway and this would let you bring the system in-house, no problem and you can continue your support with us or CRMWorks Asia as you need it.
  • Integration, as great as Sugar CRM is, and how much greater it is with CRMWorks Asia custom modules or O4BO portlet, having Sugar CRM integrated with OpenBravo ERP, or Pentaho BI and Analytics just brings additional value, convenience and power. 
We are sure that you will see the value we bring and join us.

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