Thursday, June 14, 2012

O4BO as a Movie Plot

Coming to a market near you. 

Story Outline.

  • Exposition: The main character, Precious, is living a stressful life. She owns a Small Business, works way too much, and her family won’t speak with her any longer.
  • Inciting Incident: Precious is introduced to something that is going to change her life: a new job, a new drink, and a partner with a fetish for Asian Chicken.
  • The Hike Ahead: Here’s where we lay out the impossibility of change ever occurring. My goodness, it looks hopeless for Precious and her partner.  Their products are popular, so popular that they are selling too fast and its hard to keep up quality, deliverables and still keep track of the money.
  • Plot Point 1: The AHA moment where suddenly there is hope. Precious and her partner find an ERP system, and a CRM system and a Reporting system that are "free" Open Source.
  • Obstacle 1: While the software is free, when they download it, its much too hard to install and maintain and distracts from what they do best.
  • Obstacle 2: They are starting to lose control, suppliers want to get paid before they deliver any more, and accounts receivable needs a lot of attention and some invoices are just plain missing.
  • Obstacle 3: Precious’s partner is supposed to be managing the customers but had them all in his blackberry when he got mad and ran away with an Asian Chicken cook.  Precious is all alone with too much to handle.
  • Mid-Point: While sweating it out late at night trying to get the books in order, our Precious realizes that if she continues down this same path, she’s destined for a life on the streets. She pledges to make a change and commits to returning to the ERP, CRM and Reporting software with or without her partner.
  • Obstacle 4: Precious is afraid of losing control
  • Obstacle 5: Precious is afraid of paying big money for software that can help her.
  • Obstacle 6: Precious is afraid that even if she could afford to buy software installing it and maintaining it will cost even more.
  • Plot Point 2: In a stunning turn of events, Precious’s partner returns with an extra 15 lbs of Asian Chicken blubber and a link to Its the same Open Source ERP, CRM and Reporting software they tried before, but now all they need to do is sign up and start using it.  Nothing to install, nothing to maintain and less than half the cost of the software they were thinking of buying.  So they drink a toast to their success and sign up.
  • Climax: Precious wanders over to O4BO and starts setting things up and there is the epiphany for Precious. O4BO is always there. She’s not alone. Partner or no Partner, she has her O4BO and they love her and she has the control she wanted.
  • D√©nouement: Precious gets her shit together. She stays off the workahol and rebuilds her relationship with her family. She gets her business under control, evangelizes O4BO, and even starts spending time with an Albanian Sheepdog, a much more reliable companion.


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