Wednesday, May 9, 2012

O4BO vs. NetSuite

Comparing the Suite of applications O4BO offers to the NetSuite is a little apples and oranges.  So to cut through the fog a little, here are the similarities.

NetSuite and O4BO both offer a full suite of ERP, CRM and Reporting and Analytics.  You and your accountant are the only ones that can decide if the O4BO/OpenBravo, Pentaho and Sugar CRM suite compares feature by feature with Netsuite, I am quite sure that some will find some must have feature in one that isn't in the other.

NetSuite and O4BO both offer full Online Software as a Service capabilities, no software to install or maintain, bull backups and Cloud based operations for reliability and scalability.

Here are some of the differences:

O4BO will cost you less to start and less to grow.  Netsuite ERP will cost you hundreds of dollars per month, and even CRM starts at $99/mo  O4BO prices are going to be less than half that of NetSuite, much less in some cases with final prices yet to be determined.

While NetSuite offers customization to prevent "version lock-in" they don't come close to the customization and portability of O4BO.  Because O4BO is based on OpenSource, we can offer both complete customization as deep as you need, but complete portability.  If you ever want to move away from O4BO you can, and you can take your data and your customziations with you.

Some other differences:  The Liferay Portal gives you much greater flexibility and configurability both inside O4BO and with the outside world a true Portal supporting Hundreds of off the shelf Portlets.  O4BO also supports Mule ESB with preconfigured integration points with OpenBravo, Pentaho and JackRabbit for easy integration with your legacy data, applications and content.

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