Sunday, May 27, 2012

New Investor Pitch with screen shots

I just uploaded a revised and refined Investor Pitch with screen shots to YouTube.  Click Here to see it.  Thanks to our advisers like Jordan Cooperman, Jeff Kaplan and Chris Meyers, we have made improvements in the pitch to be less techie and more oriented to the Investors.

The people at AnglePad and Venture Hacks also helped with their Tutorials on Startup funding and the perfect pitch.

Key elements.

  1. 13+ Million downloads of Open Source Software for ERP, CRM, BI/Analytics, and Portal
  2. only 10% of those ever go into production, leaving 11.7 Million in unsatisfied demand.
  3. The reasons for not going into production have bee listed as: Too Hard (especially for SMEs with no IT Staff), Too Costly (IT Staff, servers, etc.) and the off the shelf software just doesn't fit.
  4. O4BO addresses this market of 11.7 Million in unsatisfied demand by addressing the reasons all those that downloaded didn't go into production: 1) We solve "Too Hard" with Subscription service where you just sign up and start using; 2) We solve the "High Cost" by passing on the savings of Open Source software, true multi tenancy and IBM Smart Cloud to our subscribers; and 3) We solve the "Just Doesn't Fit" problem by offering professional services and per tenant customization tools so we can make it fit your needs.
If Business is defined as satisfying customer needs, then we are definitely in the right business to satisfy the needs of all those SMEs that need ERP, CRM, BI/Analytics and Portal demonstrated by 13 Million Downloads without having to install anything.

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