Wednesday, May 16, 2012

40 Small Businesses and the Online Tools they can't live without

Starting with this article on I quote "There are a million tools online and it can be tough to decide which ones are right for your business. Many times you will find 5 things that all look like they do the same thing. We decided we would ask small business owners what tools they used and could not live without for their small business"

We at O4BO agree and see the need to provide some clarity to our subscribers here in this Blog as well as on our site, in our Wiki and in our Newletter.  When we find an application that is well suited to our subscriber's needs we will point it out or even integrate it into our Suite of Applications.

In some cases we will highlight the application, its features and how our suite of applications compare.

The list in the article linked above is just such a resource.

 Of the 40 small businesses listed, by far the most popular online tools they can't live without are from Google.  Google Apps, Google Docs, Google Sites, Google Mail, etc.  If you subscribe to O4BO, you will have a set of Portlets for Google Apps that you can add to your private pages so they are right there with you.

There are a number of Accounting and Customer Relationship management programs listed most for a fee and of couse O4BO has a full Accounting, ERP, eCommerce, and CRM solution and we compete very well on a feature by feature basis as well as a cost basis to any listed.

I hope this article and our meager input has helped you.

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